How To Get The Hair You Really Want (AKA why can't I have THAT hair?)

So. You've scoured the interwebs. You've solicited opinions from friends, family, and perfect strangers. You've created Pinterest boards and social media stalked all your favorite celebrity hairdressers (and their celebrity clients). You've collected an encyclopedia's worth of photos of hair that you are determined will look amazing on you. In short, you've discovered your beauty birthright, and DANG IT YOU WANT IT NOW.

Hang on just a second there, friend. There's a bit more to it than that, at least from your beauty professionals point of view. Let's unpack this a bit, shall we?

1. That folder of pictures you're waiving around? Are they of people with similar physical attributes as yourself? Look for similar skin tone, eye color, bone structure, age, gender, fashion preferences, etc. Photos are an incredibly useful resource to use when working with your beauty pro on a fresh look. Aside from photos of looks you love, maybe throw in a couple of things you don't love as much, so your beauty pro knows what to stay away from! Always bear in mind that the photos you're most likely looking at are shot by professionals, after a session with a team of stylists, in a controlled environment, and have been seriously retouched for editing perfection. Also, ask you really love that persons hair, or are you crushing on that person in general? Because, unfortunately, beauty pros aren't wizards or surgeons. Alas.

2. Your beauty pro is going to have a serious discussion with you about whether your hair can be safely transitioned to whatever your heart’s desire is set upon. Please understand that your beauty pro is a licensed professional, and is very familiar with the limits of the fabric that is hair. These limits prevent multiple drastic changes, without compromising the integrity of the hair. So, if they tell you your hair can't take the stress of trying to do whatever it is you’re wishing for.... believe them. A seasoned beauty pro will refuse your service (and forfeit your money), rather than risk damaging your hair. Telling them "It's ok, I trust you!" doesn't change the laws of physics. If you trust them, trust them when they say no, and start thinking of alternatives.

3. Your beauty pro is also going to have a serious discussion with you about your beauty budget. Even though talking about money is uncomfortable for many people, a seasoned pro thinks it's even worse to spring a surprisingly large price tag on an unsuspecting client AFTER the work has already been done. Keep in mind, it's not just the cost of your visit the day of the service, either. You need to invest in the correct tools and products if you want to achieve similar looks at home, and you also need to factor in how often you'll need to return to the salon for future maintenance.

Going platinum blonde, while striking and gorgeous, is far outside the realm of possibility for a good many people. The time required to achieve it, the potential discomfort, the price tag, the maintenance all adds up to more than most people are willing to commit to. So, have these discussions with your beauty pro....they will guide you to a look that works FOR you, makes you look great, AND works with your pocketbook.