Wow. What a weekend at the hair show!

Wow. What a weekend at the CosmoProf Charlotte Fashion Focus 2017 hair show! 11 October 2017

I got to spend the weekend making beauty magic happen with some legends in my industry. To be honest, I still feel a little overwhelmed by it all. There was so much going on in my life personally (see previous post), that I was really looking forward to having even the tiniest of distractions to focus on. Boy, did I get that! After a full day of work at my salon, I packed the car and drove up to Charlotte. What should have been a 4-hour drive turned into 6.5, due to highway construction. When I finally arrived, dog tired, I was able to meet my friend Lacy for a drink at the bar to decompress a bit, then I went upstairs and soaked my weary bones in an Epsom salt bath. The next morning came waaaaay too soon (the sun wasn’t even up yet), when we had to be at the convention center. The facility had already constructed our stage and booth area for us, but we had to fill it ourselves. The guest artists and their assistants were backstage, busy as bees, creating the hair magic Joico would present onstage over the weekend. Deep down in my heart, I had a fantasy that they would require more hands on-deck back there to make the magic happen, and when called upon to jump in, they would be so impressed with my skills that the next phase of my education career would really ignite. Foolish, I know, and of course it didn’t happen. Not yet, anyway…😊 I did, however, get to indulge that tiny bit of OCD I have when it came to merchandising the booth. Ok, it may be more than a tiny bit, but who’s judging? The booth looked incredible by the time we were done with it. Honestly, the next two days are still a bit of a blur. I worked the Instatint, Color Butter, and Color Intensity stations. The first day was all Instatint, and if you’ve never worked with it…. it’s amazing. Think aerosol spray with pigment in it, that washes out in one shampoo. Designed for those that just want to flirt with a fashion shade, without commitment. It was one of the more popular stations in the booth, and by the end of the day, I’d inhaled so much Instatint that I’m sure my lungs were rainbow colored. The next day was Color Butters and Color Intensity……which my sinuses were very grateful for. I can’t tell how you many hundreds (thousands?) of people I spoke to, extolling all their virtues. I can tell you that by the end of the second day, I had no voice left. Each day was followed by dinner with some team members where we got to pick their brains about all things Joico, and really get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work for this company. I was impressed, let’s just say that. I ended each night with another Epsom salt bath…my body was in a pretzel state at the end of each day. When the show wrapped, we were all exhausted, but so inspired and motivated at the same time. It’s an intense rush…one that I’m sure is intensified when/if I ever get backstage and eventually onstage. I’m not sure if I even want my career to go that exact path…I’d always envisioned myself doing educational videos, so I could avoid stage fright….but now I don’t know. I can see how doing shows could be addictive. Time will tell where this path leads me…I’m open to the universe’s plans for me. Meanwhile, back at Salon Scissorella, I’m applying every trick and gadget and product I got from this show on my clients. There’s some exciting stuff happening in the beauty world, and I can’t wait to spread the #hairjoi to all my clients!