Who cares what I think? (AKA Why I started a blog)

The one question I get more than any other from friends and family when they find out I’ve started a blog is…. why?? I suppose there is a certain amount of narcissism in putting something like this out there…obviously I think I have something someone else may find helpful or important, otherwise why would I waste my time?

But truly…I feel like there’s a niche missing from the current educational offerings. Most educators are associated with a brand or product line, and teach strictly from their viewpoint. I do that too, when I’m actually working as a Joico Advisor. Really, I started this blog so that I could have another avenue of education to offer…one that isn’t beholden to anyone. You’ll hear me talk about Joico products, because I like to offer real life scenarios for discussion, and it’s what I use every day in the salon. But I won’t bash other products, brands, or educators because there really is no need. You might even hear me talk about testing other products out (I’m a total product junkie, from way back…it’s a problem. One I’m happy to have.). As my grandma used to say “You can’t be everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s ok. There’s room for everyone at the party.”.

To that end…the purpose of the blog is to have real talk about real life situations that hit a viewpoint for both the consumer and the professional. If there’s something you want to talk about, I’d love to know about it. Just leave a comment on this post, and your question may end up in a future blog! I promise to protect your identity…so really folks: there’s no such thing as a silly question!

*Sidenote...you may have already noticed that there tends to be occasional smatterings of non-beauty related ramblings tucked in here and there in my blog. That's because I didn't inherit much (if any) of my dear departed Poppa's alien DNA, making me mostly human. I have all the feels, and sometimes I can't contain them. I'm learning to accept this fact, and also accept that it's ok to talk about this stuff...because in the end it makes us all closer. I know I'm not the only person dealing with everyday life, so why not talk about that other stuff occasionally? Also...consider this: it's my blog. I can do what I want. Neenerneenerneener.